Nov. 11-12, 2016

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It is our pleasure to invite you to the 2016 Kettering National A Cappella Festival – Friday & Saturday, November 11 & 12, 2016.

This year’s guest artists are Duwende, M-Pact and Mix. All three groups have been in high demand in the a cappella world and we’re very excited that you will get the chance to see and work with them. In addition to Duwende, M-Pact and Mix we welcome clinicians from our headlining groups AND OTHER AMAZING ACA PEOPLE. The format of the event is in three portions: Friday night showcase, Saturday daytime festival, and Saturday evening concert. We are aimed at contemporary a cappella groups, but are also open to vocal jazz, madrigal groups, barbershop… you name it! We are accepting college groups as well as high school groups.

New Directors

We are also inviting any directors who are new to the aca-scene to be our guests. If you are a director who does not yet have a group (or will soon form one), you are welcome to join us for the weekend - on the house. We will provide meals and comp tickets for all events. You can float all weekend, watch anything you want, and sit in on the directors’ roundtables. Just learn and enjoy!

Registration is now open.

Registered groups may apply to perform at Kettering National A Cappella Festival Please submit a video of your group performing their best song, via web-link (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) to Drew Wheaton at Submissions are due by October 3rd. Announcement of the performing groups will be made by October 21st. The videos will be scored on the ensembles vocal techniques, musicality in the a cappella idiom, and on their visual presentation.* Based on your score, you'll be slotted to our Academic Showcase (Friday Night), a Main Stage performance (Saturday daytime) or an Aca-Bomb performance (Saturday daytime).  


For Groups:
  • Group Registration: $250 (receive one half-hour clinic) or $350 (receive two half-hour clinics)
  • Friday Night Showcase Tickets: $15 (director ticket free)
  • Saturday Night Concert Tickets: $20 (director ticket free)
  • Saturday Night Catered Dinner: $10 (director free)
For Individuals:
  • All-Weekend Pass: $60
    • Includes: Friday Night Showcase, all Saturday daytime activities, Saturday night show
  • Saturday-only Pass:
    • Includes: all Saturday daytime activities, Saturday night show
  • Saturday Night Catered Dinner: $10

Featured Performance Opportunities For Your Group

  Academic Showcase The top 8 groups will perform on Friday night (roughly 8 minutes/2 songs) as opening acts for our guest artists, MIX. Soundchecks will take place during the day Friday prior to the show. Main Stage Groups selected will perform in our auditorium with lights, wireless mics, the whole nine yards! Groups will also be given time to soundcheck prior to performance. Aca-Bombs Aca-Bomb performances will take place all day long. They are acoustic performances (no microphones) in an intimate setting to really connect with the audience.   * By submitting a video to the Kettering National A Cappella Festival you are agreeing to allow the A Cappella Education Association (AEA) to further use that video for internal educational purposes. They will not be shared or posted. The AEA will use your videos to enhance their judge training program. Thank for your interest in the Kettering National A Cappella Festival 2016. If there's anything at all we can do to help, please don't hesitate to contact us at